When A Clean House Isn’t Enough Anymore

Recently I decided that cleaning my house can wait! My dishes will remain in the sink until the end of the night, laundry will stay in a pile until the basket is full, doggy poop wont pick itself up but my dogs won’t mind if I only clean the backyard once a week, my son won’t mind if there’s a little dirt on the floor and my husband will just have to understand that I am trying to take care of myself, and spending more time Ethan is just more important.


I have been a stay home mom since I was about 7 months pregnant with Ethan, my husband and I decided that by staying home, we would save money on daycare, our son would be less likely to get sick and our home affairs would be easier to be cared for. After Ethan was born I right I had this whole staying at home thing down to a science, I had a cleaning schedule (like daily chores) and Ethan was sleeping so much that it was working g out great. But now I realize that I have been missing out on our little guy growing up. Every day he learns something new and when I’m running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to keep everything clean and tidy, my kid is learning a new word, discovering a new toy and exploring new adventures with out me.


Well this is it, I have decided that everything can wait. Because at the end of the day all those house chores will still be there but my son won’t ever do something for the first time ever again, this is for all the firsts and also the lasts, because he won’t be little forever and I want enjoy every breastfeeding session, every kiss goodnight, every second spent playing with trucks or pushing him on his swing. Who knows if today will be the day he asks to be nurses or wants to be held like a baby, tonight might be the last night he wants to sleep in my bed or be held while I’m cooking dinner.


Then there’s taking care of myself, I’m sure many of you ladies and gentlemen can relate, that with a new baby sometimes there is so much going on that you easily forget to take care of yourself. I have missed doctors appointments, skipped nail and hair appointments, missed showers for a day or two, and sometimes skipped meals because I am so worried about everything except myself. But I realize now that I have to be more involved in taking care of my self, not just my body but my mind as well. Mental health is just as important if not more important than your physical health. Being a mommy can be draining and you will new to recharge your batteries  whether that be glass of wine or massage every now and then or just taking the time to sit down and read a new book. I have to take more time just for me, the cleaning can wait.

I love being a stay at home mom and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to experience all the things I have been able to, thank you to all my friends and family for your wonderful support and a huge special thank you to my amazing husband who takes such wonderful care of Ethan and I, I can’t do all the things I do with out your love and support! A clean house isn’t enough anymore, I am not going to miss out of the greasiest things in life anymore.

Lots of Love,


Taking a Chance

I like to think that I’m an adventurous person, I like to take chances, take old back roads and try new things often. But sometimes doing any or all of those things can kick your butt. Now I’m not saying don’t take chances or find a new route to the beach, but your should also know that trying new things might not always be so great. For instance yesterday I went to Starbucks to treat myself to a frappe, I thought to myself as I looked over the menu, “today I will try something new, be a little crazy and not order 1 of the 3 drinks I usually drink. Today I’ll try the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe” I was feeling so confident and ready to taste this new mouth full of joy. First sip and Oops! What was I thinking, it was like an explosion of nestlé powder chocolate in my mouth, I literally couldn’t spit it out quick enough, ugh! I was so disappointed, let down by my decision. I love chocolate so why didn’t I love this? Maybe because is was like a bad milkshake or maybe it’s because I went to Starbucks and was expecting coffee. I mean I could totally see my 15 year old sister trying this and absolutely loving it! As a make of fact she coincidentally sent me a picture of her at Starbucks this morning with the exact same drink ….  ha ha I knew it!

Sophia please don’t kill me for sharing your photo!


I mean what are the chances that we both try this new drink within 24 hours? So with her sending me this photo, it gave me the idea for this post. I want to say to all of you, take chances! You never know,you might like it, you might not, you might discover something amazing, or realize you were never missing out but how will you ever know if you don’t take a chance.

As a new mom I want to make sure I instill  this in my son.  I want him to take chances, to be adventurous and always trying new things because what is life without a little Fun?!  When is coming to trying new foods, a different sport or even exploring new lands, do what makes you happy. That’s my advice, take a chance today and see what happens.

Lots of Love,


5 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home and Be More Green

In today’s world we, the human race, are consumers and waste more than we realize. You may or may not have heard about how the things we do are effecting our environment, the air we breathe and the water we drink. One day, maybe not in our lifetime but in our children’s or their children’s lifetime the effects will be very real. As a mom I am conscious of this undeniable fact, I try everyday to think about how what I’m doing and how I’m doing it will effect my son. I want to make a difference and for him to learn from myself and my husband. I want Ethan to take a stand for this planet, to care for it and nurture it, as it’s the only planet we have.

So I have compiled a few ways for you and your family to become more green and reduce waste in your own home. Maybe not every one of these is for every person but just adapting one of these into your home can help out in a BIG way.

1. Cloth Diapering – it’s a dirty diaper people! HAHAHA I know it’s not what most parents look forward to when they think about having a baby but believe it or not it’s really not as bad as you think. Not only am I helping the planet by keeping thousands of chemical filled diapers out of the landfill but I’m also saving thousands of dollars too! On average if your child wears diapers until the age of two they will go through about 5,400 diapers which on average will cost about $1200 to $1900 depending on the brand you choose to use! Plus not every child is potty trained by the age of 2 and you have to take into account training diapers. I bought my entire stash of 60 cloth diapers for around $750 over the course of a year. I started with just 18 diapers and I got a little crazy with getting all the pretty prints. LOL These diapers are One Size so they fit newborns from 8 lbs up to toddlers at 35 lbs. Well worth it especially since they can be used as a trainer diaper during potty training too.

2. Reusable Cups, Bottles and Mugs – although you spend a bit more up front the pay off is grande (hahaha Starbucks lover pun) I have a reusable cup for just about everything, hot coffee, iced coffee and water. Plus most coffee houses offer discounts if you bring in your own cup! A wonderful water bottle is Swell, it keeps my iced water cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours! Plus it’s Eco Friendly with BPA Free and comes in 3 different sizes and fun Designs/Colors.

3. Paperless Kitchen – going old school for this, finish off that last pack of paper napkins and find some 100% Cotton Napkins for that dinning room table. You can even get fancy with it and get different colors or patterns for every season! I can already see all those beautiful Fall colors amongst your tables. Then off with the paper towels, if your crafty you can sew some perfectly shaped towels that can be rolled up in place of your paper towel roll and you might even add some snap button. If your like me and don’t own a sewing machine then check out Etsy, they have tons of patterns and sizes to choose from at fairly good prices, compared to what your already spending a year on paper.

4. Purchase Wooden Toys – they last longer and are more durable than plastic, they can be used for multiple children and they are natural, minimal chemicals used to make the toy. The majority of wooden toys are handmade and painted so that means more jobs and less robots doing the work. Plus remember how much fun we had as kids playing with our wooden toys, I had such an imagination, with these need plastic and light up toys there’s not much room for imagination and creativity.

5. Homemade Cleaning Products – Vinegar can be used to clean just about anything in your home, it’s perfect for killing germs, bacteria and mold. When mixing together with water, baking soda and lemon you have your very our multi-purpose cleaner. There’s also homemade glass cleaner you can make from water, vinegar and alcohol. Just check out Pinterest there’s so many homemade recipes from natural elements right in your cabinets and refrigerator, plus the majority of these are kid and pet friendly on top of environmentally friendly.

Some extra tips for reducing waste:

Tip 1. Recycle any Paper or Plastic you may use, junk mail, soda cans, cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes and plastic bottles.

Tip 2. ONLY Use Real Plates and Utensils or Buy Biodegradable Ones.

Tip 3. Open your Blinds and Windows, believe it or not you can save a ton of money and energy by doing this simple action. You can receive two benefits from this, the sun is amazing at killing germs, and you can air out your home. A cross breeze can be achieved by opening windows within the same room or on opposite ends of the home. Getting a little Vitamin D just makes you feel good inside.

I hope that with these simple but helpful ways of being green, you can make a difference in your own home. Together we can make bigger impacts than most believe, each day we can make tomorrow better. We all love our planet now we just need to start showing it. A better tomorrow for our children and their children, one day, one change, one step at a time!

Lots of Love,

Kid Tested and Mommy Approved!

This week as I was stalking Pinterest for some fun new activities for my soon to be one year old, I came across this “Cloud Dough” recipe. Two ingredients, taste safe, sensory sand for Ethan. So today off to target we went, on our shopping list was container and lid – $4.98, coconut oil – $6.99, beach toys – $3 and flour we already had.

After little mans nap, I threw it all together and fun is what we got. Ethan loves it, and it gives him one more sensory activity to add to our fun list. Although we are doing this outside on the porch, and yes it’s a bit messy, with a towel or blanket this could easily be played with inside on a rainy day or with older toddlers.

Below I’ve provided the link from the original creator. Have fun mamas and babies.


Lots of Love, Cherish

I’m a mom and I’m just realizing I’m an adult!

In high school I couldn’t wait to graduate and become an adult, and once I was in college I thought that was it – I was officially an adult! I had bought my first car, I was renting an apartment with my boyfriend, held a full time job while attending classes full time, I paid my own bills and did as I pleased. I got married two years ago and gave birth to my wonderful baby boy 11 months ago. I thought this was it, I was doing it, I’m adulting.


But wow it really hit me this past week when my family was here visiting. I had not really been around my entire family other than the holidays, and it had never been on my own turf. I’m my own house, where I like things done a certain way, where my AC is always set to the perfect tempature and my kitchen is spotless. I understand that when people visit things can get a little messy and space has to be shared. But man oh man my anxiety went through the roof! Yep, I said it: Anxiety. I am now officially an adult. My anxiety has been creeping up like a sneaky little sibling, lying dormant since birth. From the day Ethan was born, my life had forever changed… including the unwelcoming feeling of worry and fear and concern. Almost 80% of my day consists of me worrying about my little guy, making sure his needs are meet, he is safe, entertained, the house is clean, bills are paid, husband is happy etc.

Once my family came it was like I couldn’t breath. On the first night, my house was no longer my own, it was a space where others were sleeping, playing and just being. Everything I was use to had changed including the tempature on the AC. As a hostess, daughter and sister I felt like I shouldn’t say anything, “bite your tongue”, but I couldn’t. I had to be an adult and share my feelings. My family definitely wasn’t happy about it, I didn’t mean for them to feel unwelcome but I also couldn’t keep feeling that way for the rest of their trip. Things went back to normal and they seemed to be ok with my crazy household ways.


Later in the week I noticed something that I really hadn’t noticed before. I was no longer just a daughter or sister. Now I have become a wife and a mother. I have different responsibilities and duties. My husband depends on me to take care of the household, not fully but most of daily cleaning and baby needs. My son depends on way more from me, not just food – breast milk, but entertainment, learning, bath time and more. I am a mother I kiss boo boos and sing songs, I make up silly dances and make mealtime enjoyable with funny shaped foods. I am so much more than someone’s kid, I now have my own kid.

When I was growing up, I like to think that I had an amazing childhood, I never needed anything and most of what I wanted I had either received or earned. I had amazing parents and step parents, my siblings and I have always been close. But when I think about how I want my adult life to mesh with my role as a daughter, I think about how I want my son to look at me one day. I hope that I can create a bond with him that is full of love, trust and care. I may not be the richest mom or the coolest mom but I want to be the best mom I can be.

Adulting is hard – but becoming a mom is so worth it!


Lots of Love,


Under Pressure

As a new mom I am still trying to figure things out. From how to vacuum the house while holding a soon the be one year old who weights 25 lbs, how to have dinner ready before the my husband gets home without burning it, how to manage to keep the house clean all while the baby is destroying it. This week I have my entire family visiting, my mom, little sister and her best friend, my dad (which my parents are separated) all came to visit me from Florida. My brother who is in the navy, surprised us by taking leave for the ship, which is amazing since we never get to spend them together but all 8 people sleeping, eating and showering in a 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom home is teeth renching.

I am so blessed to have everyone under one roof for one week, but I’m not going to lie to you, my nerves are shot. I am under so much pressure, not that my family puts any on me directly but the pressure that I put in myself.

Before their arrival I cleaned this house like a mad women, trying to make sure that everything was spotless. Until I realized that “hey! These are the same brothers and sisters that left their dirty clothes on the bathroom floor when we all lived at home, these are the same parents who yes, cleaned the house every Sunday but also had 3 kids running about their homes. They understand that I’m human, that I have an almost one year pulling on my leg every chance he gets, they will understand it’s not a perfectly clean picture perfect home.”  I have been so stressed about them coming, trying to be prepared. But hey these are my people right?

OMGosh in the last 8 years since I moved away from home, things have changed. We all like to eat different types of food, sleep different hours, are interested in different activists and can’t make up our minds on what we want to do each day. Talk about pressure, I want to just relax, put my feet up, let them help watch my little guy since this is really the second time since he was born that we are all under the same roof, let them bond.

Pressure doesn’t even begin to cover my daily routine. I am so worried about just about everything from making sure Ethan is sleeping enough to eating enough, I don’t need added pressure of making decisions for my family too. I love them all so much and so thrilled for them to spend time with my son. But I feel so much pressure to make sure they are comfortable and having a great time. Am I the only mom out here to feel this way? I have tried to relax and take it one day at a time. And so far the only advice that I’ve got is to just let it go.


They are all grow adults or atleast three of them are, they can wash their own clothes, make their own beds and even help tidy up the house a bit. Having them help with Ethan has been a huge relief, and being able to just let go has been a teeth grinding savior.

lots of love, Cherish

p.s. Ethan’s face in the last picture is how I was feeling when I wrote this! 😂 This has been sitting in my drafts box for the last week. In my complete chaos of a brain I completely forgot to post it, there will be a follow up post later this week.

Packing for Cloth… Easy with a JuJuBe


Late last week I gave you all a glimpse at my gorgeous JuJuBe Be Right Back diaper bag. Last night I made a video which I will be sharing on Facebook, to show you all just how I pack it up for fun days out on and about, visiting the zoo, taking a quick trip to the store or just for everyday use.

After months of looking and switching diapers bags I finally found JuJuBe. We originally used a skiphop purse style which didn’t have enough room, then we switched to a skiphop tote which was too messy than tried another skiphop bag back pack style which ended up tearing during our spring flight to Florida. My friend Tori and I were chatting one night when I told her about my diaper bag issues and she recommended we check out a JuJuBe BFF or BRB. The next day I went to the closet lest BuyBuyBaby and started test packing my diapering supplies right there in the store. I liked the BFF, it had gussets, optional backpack straps and a messenger strap and was super organized. But when I started seeing just how much space and options the BRB had I began to fall in love. So I had to get it, I found the black magic print (black and white stripes) for $180 + tax and I was able to use a 20% off bed bath and beyond coupon! That was the first time I had been bitten by the JuJuBe bug.

It wasn’t long after I returned home from our vacation in Florida that I started buying the set pieces to go inside my BRB. I bought some new sets, and some used on the JuJuBe buy sale and trade page on Facebook. This is what I ended up with: a large be organized piece, a be quick, a quicklet, a medium set piece and a coin purse.



Below is a list of what I put in each bag:

– be quick: diapers, wipes, diaper cream,           bum brush

– medium set piece: mommy essentials, clap stick, lip gloss, feminine products etc.

– quicklet: medical supplies, infant Tylenol, boogie wipes, nail clippers, extra diaper cream

– large be organized set piece: spare cloths, burp cloth, socks and teething bib

– coin purse: I store change in it as well as some rewards cards for shopping


I hope this helps another mama out and gives them some ideas for diaper bag organization. Below I have also included a link where you can find the ezpz mealtime mat that I use, within the link you will receive 10% off your order. Thank you as always for shopping through me and following my adventures.



Lots of Love, Cherish

p.s. Here is the storage shelf for my cloth diapers. I forgot to show it in the video


Packing with Cloth Diapers

Packing a diaper bag can be challenging for any parent. What should I pack? What shouldn’t I pack? Do I have everything I need? Do I have too much? Oops why didn’t I just put that extra outfit in my bag? All these questions and so many more I have found myself asking. After 3 months of struggling to find the perfect diaper bag for my family, one that I found to be stylish, my husband actually liked to carry and one that fit all my babies needs including Cloth Diapers, I finally found it.  Well all my prayers were answered when my friend Tori introduced me to JuJuBe. And man did I drink the Kool-aid! “Giggling” as I write this.


Check back on Sunday for a full packing list… everything I pack for a 10 month old in Cloth Diapers, I’ll show you everything I put in my JuJuBe Be Right Back “BRB”. As well as introduce you to the Kool-aid I’ve been drinking… LOL all the organization pieces I use inside my BRB.

Looking forward to Sunday

Lots of Love,


Mom Shaming

Something that most moms hate but almost always seem to recieve from someone we know. Sometimes we mom shame each other, our friends or family. But it’s time for it to STOP!

As a first time mom, I have received a ton of advice, tips and tricks to keep my kid happy and healthy. But even before he made his grand entrance into this world, I began to feel that the advice, tips and tricks were quickly turning into shaming.


When it comes to advice, tips and tricks coming from others moms, it can quickly turn into sounding judgemental. The ones doing it or dishing it out need to watch carefully the way they share or better yet reconsider what they’re doing. Because I bet that at one time they were actually in my shoes as someone else was doing to them what their doing right now to me.

It all started with Breastfeeding… breast is best.  Although I am a breastfeeding mom, which I am proud to say we are going 10 months strong, before Ethan arrived I heard so much from others about how hard it is to wash bottles, how bad formula is for your baby and how exspensive it can be. Now that we are doing so great with breastfeeding, all I hear from others is… ugh that’s gross he is asking for it, pulling at my shirt, when will you be weening him? How do you feed him in public? You aren’t going to cover up? Yada yada yada! I feel great breastfeeding Ethan, I’m giving him something that no one else can, I share a bond with him that makes me and him feel safe, happy and relaxed. I will stop breastfeeding when he is ready and NO I won’t cover him while breastfeeding unless I am the one uncomfortable in the room.


As a cloth diapering family, we have heard the ewww, that’s so gross you actually hand wash poop out of diapers or wouldn’t it be easier to just use disposables? Well why yes it would be but I would be polluting this beautiful planet as well as giving my son a really bad rash. Yes I do clean poop out of diapers but it’s not as bad as picking up your yard after your dog just took his morning dump. LOL

Then there’s baby-wearing. Yep I said it. I wear my son most everywhere we go, every time I run into the grocery store, post office, mall or just around the house when he isn’t feeling well. I’ve actually had complete strangers come up to me and tell me that I’m coddling my kid, that I’m creating a needy baby, that he will never be a functioning member of society. Well I have news for them, if all of that’s true then how come the children being worn by there mothers in other cultures, countries and societies grow up to be leaders, strong and independent men.

I admit this was a tough decision, for 9 months both my husband and I said we would absolutely not allow Ethan to co sleep with us. We borrowed a beautiful bassinet for our bedside and planned to have him in our room for the first 8 weeks and then off to his nursery he would go. Well little did we know, we were wrong! He was such a great sleeper, went to bed at a decent hour and slept the majority of the night. But when it came time to move him into his room, we had a tough time doing it. We felt so insecure allowing him to sleep down the hall, in his own crib. Which in our minds would not be as warm or cuddling as ours.  I’ll admit it felt great for him to sleep with us, safe and comfortable. We eventually moved him slowing into his crib, he currently is sleeping about 75% of the night in his crib. But every time I get the ol’ “don’t you know that’s danergous?” Speech I want to cring. I know the statistics, I know the facts, I’ve heard the stories but I’m doing what’s best for my son and my family. World wide co sleeping from birth is accepted and practiced. In my home it’s what’s working. So STOP mom shaming!

STOP mom shaming! It’s hard for you to do I know, but it’s harder for the mom that your shaming to hear, to take, to process. It’s her family, she has to do what’s best for her. To each her own. I wish there was a way to say to the mom shammers, right in the moment, “thank you for your opinion but I know what I’m doing, believe it or not I’m a mom now and I’m doing the adult thing by making my own decisions, they are what’s best for my family”.

Thanks for the advice, tips and tricks but lets leave it at that. Don’t turn it into a judemental statement.

With lots of Love,




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